Edit Woodford closing ceremony

Posted on Sat 1st Jan 2011

Every year on the final night, January the 1st, Woodlford closes with a closing ceremony - the Fire Event. This time it was quite modest compared to previous years I've been, but still wonderful. I made a lantern and was in the lantern parade - look for the lantern shaped like a fat coin with a square hole through the middle - some called it a holy dollar, kids insisted it was a lucky coin. We were asked to make lanterns that expressed the events theme of questioning wealth and greed.


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Edit Rumpold the Fool

Posted on Fri 31st Dec 2010

Each night in the wee hours of the morning as I headed back to my tent from the festival village I would pass by the Circadalia tent where Rumpold would be doing his thing. It's a bit hard to describe. He just foolishly faffs around, doing random tricks, many of which he fails to pull off, pulling random toys and gismos from his bag, talking about his travels and whatever pops into his head. He's a lovable dill who puts a smile on you face as you head off to kip.

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