Edit Grey-headed Flying Fox

Posted on Wed 2nd Feb 2011

Our peaches are ripening and this little guy has been turning up each night to pilfer them. There are plenty of peaches so we can spare a few. I can hear it squawking as I type this.

Grey-headed flying foxes occur along the coastal plains and around the ranges of the Great Australian Divide - from central Queensland, through NSW to southern Victoria. They're in serious decline across their entire range  ...

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Edit Australian Fur Seals at Popes Eye

Posted on Sun 23rd Jan 2011

Chinaman's Hat is in Port Phillip Bay near the heads. It was originally built as a part of the defence system in World War 2, was colonised by fur seals, and when the original structure rotted was rebuilt to cater for them.

Australian Fur Seals are a subspecies of the Brown Fur Seal and occur from southern NSW waters through to Victoria and the Bass Strait. Popes eye is a hang out for bachelours too young, too old or otherwise too wimpy to strut their stuff with the females at the Seal Rocks colony at Phillip Island.


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