Edit Yellow Admiral & Asthma Weed

Posted on Thu 17th Feb 2011

The Yellow Admiral (or Australian Admiral - Vanessa itea) is widespread throughout much of temperate Australia and in a few isolated desert settlements such as Alice Springs to which it has presumably been introduced along with it's food plants. It also occurs in New Zealand. It's pupa feed on a number of species within the nettle family - Urticaceae - including both Australian natives and introduced species, such  ...

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Edit Common Garden Katydid and Purple Loose-strife

Posted on Thu 10th Feb 2011

I found this Katydid in my garden yesterday. Going by photos I can find on the web the species appears to be the Common Garden Katydid (Caedicia simplex). However given that there are over a thousand katydid species in Australia, I'm not 100% sure. (I've got a big collection of flora and fauna ID books, but don't yet possess the Guide to the Katydids of Australia.)

It's  ...

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Edit Hyacinth Orchid

Posted on Thu 10th Jan 2008


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Edit Sweet Bursaria

Posted on Sat 29th Dec 2007

I was visiting some friends near the eastern shore of Lake Corangamite. They've been revegetating it for the last 15 years. This tree is an ancient Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinossa) and is a remnant of the original Stony Rises Woodlands that prior to the arrival of Europeans cloaked the lava flows that characterise the region (interspersed with wetlands, lakes and grasslands). The property is now a haven for birds, lizards and a  ...

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Edit Trigger plant & native bee

Posted on Sat 8th Dec 2007

Trigger plants (Stylidium graminifolium in this case) are fertilised by native bees or wasps. The petal arrangement resembles the wings of an insect and the flowers possibly send out a scent that entices some insects to attempt to mate with them. When a bee or wasp tickles the centre of a flower, the tensioned anther column flicks over whacking the amorous visitor with a puff of pollen. When this is repeated with another flower, the unwitting Romeo cross-fertilises them.


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