Edit White-tailed spider

Posted on Thu 20th Jan 2011


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Edit Spider and locust

Posted on Wed 22nd Dec 2010

On the way to Sydney I camped in CIltern Box-Ironbark National Park. SInce leaving Adelaide this was the furtherest north that I came across any plaguing locusts. The bush is looking lush after the rains of recent months. In the morning as I went for a short walk the locusts flew up, some of them landing in the webs of the miriad of orb weaving spiders that had set up between the trees. I watched this one for quite a while - it was quite a battle. Locusts of course have quite a kick, so the spider had to repeatedly run in to attemp to wrap it in web only to be wacked away each time. Those fangs look nasty!


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Edit Lynx Spider

Posted on Sat 9th Oct 2010

There is a daisy bush in my front yard. Sitting on many of the flowers are these little spiders. Like their feline namesake they capture their prey by leaping onto it. This one has captured a hover fly - which is what I was actually trying to photograph.


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