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Boolcoomatta landscape

Posted on Wed 18th Apr 2012

Over Easter I participated in Bush Heritage Australia's Easter field survey on Boolcoomatta Reserve in South Australia, 100km north-west of Brocken Hill. I'll post more photos soon, but for now, this is a shot looking across the reserve toward the Olary Hills to the Noth West.

The reserve is in great condition at the moment with a flush of growth after ample rains in 2010 and 2011, and of course because of Bush Heritage's good management.

Tau Emerald Dragonfly

Posted on Wed 18th Apr 2012

This emerged from a fish tank that sits on my desk at work! I had planted it with millfoil from my pond at home and larvae or eggs came along for the ride.

The larvae in the shot (known as a mud-eye) is actually the hollow case that remains after the adult has emerged through a slit in it's back.

I caught the adult, which was fluttering at my  ...

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Meadow Argus

Posted on Tue 15th Mar 2011

This species occurs throughout Australia (except Western Tassie), in all habitats, and the larvae feed on a wide variety of dicotyledenous (broad-leaved) plants. If you can't get this one to visit your garden you must be living in a toxic barren.


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Garden Mantid

Posted on Mon 28th Feb 2011

This praying mantis looks like a Garden Mantid (Orthodera ministralis) although that species is described as having a purple or blue spot in the inside of each raptorial fore-leg, and the spots on this female are black. According to the Australian Fauna Directory, the species Orthodera rubrocoxata also occurs in Victoria, but I can't fing any photographs or information online to enable me to make a distintion.  ...

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Yellow-banded Darts mating

Posted on Fri 18th Feb 2011

The Yellow-banded Dart (Ocybadistesv walkeri) is a common butterfly of bushland, rural and urban habitats throughout much of Southern Eastern and Northern Australia. Pictured here is the eastern sub species Ocybadistesv walkeri sothis, which occurs throughout the Eastern Australian coastal plains, Great Dividing ranges and their drier inland slopes. The sub species O. w. hypochlora occurs around Adelaide whereas O. w. olivia is found  ...

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Yellow Admiral & Asthma Weed

Posted on Thu 17th Feb 2011

The Yellow Admiral (or Australian Admiral - Vanessa itea) is widespread throughout much of temperate Australia and in a few isolated desert settlements such as Alice Springs to which it has presumably been introduced along with it's food plants. It also occurs in New Zealand. It's pupa feed on a number of species within the nettle family - Urticaceae - including both Australian natives and introduced species, such  ...

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Common Garden Katydid and Purple Loose-strife

Posted on Thu 10th Feb 2011

I found this Katydid in my garden yesterday. Going by photos I can find on the web the species appears to be the Common Garden Katydid (Caedicia simplex). However given that there are over a thousand katydid species in Australia, I'm not 100% sure. (I've got a big collection of flora and fauna ID books, but don't yet possess the Guide to the Katydids of Australia.)

It's  ...

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Sleepy lizard, Shingle-back, Bob-tail, Stump-tailed Skink, Bogeye, Pinecone Lizard, Two-headed Lizard

Posted on Thu 3rd Feb 2011

I see in my website visitation statistics that the lizards are through-the-roof popular. And fair enough - they're magnificent beasts! SO, I present to you a gallery of Sleepy lizards.

This is perhaps the reptile most loved by Aussie kids. They look fearsome but it's mostly bluff  - although they do have a wicked bite if you are dumb enough to let one latch on to you. They're  ...

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Grey-headed Flying Fox

Posted on Wed 2nd Feb 2011

Our peaches are ripening and this little guy has been turning up each night to pilfer them. There are plenty of peaches so we can spare a few. I can hear it squawking as I type this.

Grey-headed flying foxes occur along the coastal plains and around the ranges of the Great Australian Divide - from central Queensland, through NSW to southern Victoria. They're in serious decline across their entire range  ...

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Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard

Posted on Tue 25th Jan 2011


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